Political Science Class 10 Important Questions Chapter 1 Power Sharing

Social Science Class 10 Important Questions Political Science Chapter 1 Power Sharing Political science Class 10 Chapter 1 . Power-sharing contain the important questions given in the Civics book – Democratic Politics-II. In this chapter, students will mainly find questions related to the vertical division of power-sharing among different levels of government. The post  provide the…


Class 10 History Chapter 2 Nationalism In India Important Questions

Q. No. 1) Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) i. Against which of the following forms of discrimination did Mahatma Gandhi launch a satyagraha in South Africa? a. Racism b. Sexism c. Ageism d. Casteism Ans. Option (a) ii. Where did the brutal ‘Jallianwalla Massacre’ take place? a. Amritsar b. Meerut c. Lahore d. Lucknow Ans. Option (a) iii….

Social Science Class 10 Important Questions History Chapter 1 The Rise of Nationalism in Europe

Question 10.Explain any three beliefs of the conservatism that emerged after 1815. (2011 D)Answer:Three beliefs of conservatism that emerged after 1815 were: Question 11.Explain the contribution of Otto von Bismarck in German unification. (2011 D)Answer:Contribution of Otto von Bismarck in German unification. Nationalist feelings started spreading amongst the middle class Germans, who in 1848, tried…

What steps did the French revolutionaries take to create a sense of collective identity among the French people?

Solution: 1. The ideas of la Patrie (the fatherland) and le citoyen (the citizens) were introduced, which unified people by giving them equal rights under a constitution.2. The French tricolour was chosen as the new flag instead of the former royal standard.3. Citizens were allowed to elect members to the Estates-General, which was renamed as…